Pellet producer benefits


1. Mitigating Raw Material Transformation into CO2: Over the long term, it’s imperative to find alternatives to the conversion of building-suitable raw materials into CO2, even through processes like pellet production. Finnshield represents a viable solution in reducing this dependency and fostering more sustainable construction practices.

2. Streamlined Transition from Pellet to Hollow Board Production: The initial phase of the process mirrors that of pellet manufacturing. Consequently, the transition from a pellet press to a hollow board press is straightforward and cost-effective. This adaptability underscores the feasibility and efficiency of adopting Finnshield technology.

3. Optimal Utilization of Recycled Wood: Finnshield allows for the utilization of the highest quality recycled wood simultaneously. This ensures that the most valuable resources are put to use, aligning with sustainable principles while minimizing waste.

4. Market Expansion through Innovative Product Offerings: Introducing Finnshield as a new product line opens avenues for increased sales and revenue generation. This diversification not only broadens the market reach but also taps into the growing demand for sustainable construction materials.

5. Enhanced Reputation through Sustainable Practices: The adoption of Finnshield not only reduces reliance on raw materials but also elevates the company’s reputation. A commitment to sustainable practices resonates positively with stakeholders and consumers, further solidifying the company’s position as an environmentally conscious industry leader.