I’m currently on a Finnair flight to Singapore. When I checked the CO2 emissions for this flight, it showed 500 kg of CO2. Should I feel guilty about this? After a quick calculation… NO.

I’ve installed the Finnshield wall heat accumulator system, which weighs approximately 2000 kg and has the capacity to store 20 kWh of heat energy. Based on my best estimation, it can do this roughly 180 times a year, amounting to a total of 3600 kWh.

This system will transfer the heat energy from peak hours, produced by combustion at a rate of 350 g CO2 per kWh, to off-peak hours when electricity is generated by wind, solar, and nuclear sources, with an emissions rate of 35 g CO2 per kWh.

Calculation results are impressive:

1. By using 2000 kg of sawdust or high-quality recycled wood in long-term carbon storage intead of the boiler, I save approximately 3600 kg of CO2 emissions.

2. By shifting 3600 kWh of energy from a source emitting 350 g CO2 per kWh to one emitting 35 g CO2 per kWh, I save approximately 1100 kg of CO2 emissions.


installing a similar heat accumulator could potentially compensate for three round-trip flights from Helsinki to Singapore , and subsequently, offset one flight each year thereafter.

This demonstrates a meaningful reduction in carbon emissions.

Now I can relax and thing about Singapore Sling cocktail in the long bar of Raffles hotel

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