Now, we are actively seeking partners to further utilize our groundbreaking invention. We are particularly interested in collaborating with partners such as:

Calling all electric distribution companies:

Are you grappling with the challenges of fluctuating power generation caused by the rise of solar and wind energy? Our innovative Finnshield concept offers a solution by enabling the transfer of excess energy to your customers during production peaks and utilizing it during consumption peaks. It’s time to embrace the power of smart networks and optimize energy utilization. Join us in revolutionizing the future of energy distribution. #SmartGrid #EnergyInnovation #PartnershipOpportunity

Attention family house manufacturing companies:

As we look to the future, electric heating is poised to become the most competitive heating option for houses once again. However, without thermal mass inside the house, it falls short. With our Finnshield heat storage system, you can introduce a new concept to your customers, offering an innovative solution with investment costs far below ground heating systems and district heating. Let’s collaborate to provide energy-efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable heating solutions for the homes of tomorrow. #EnergyEfficiency #Innovation #PartnershipOpportunity

Attention furniture making companies:

Are you looking to expand your product offerings and tap into the growing demand for sustainable solutions? With Finnshield units, incorporating heat storage capabilities into¬† furniture becomes reality. No extra investments required, only the potential for additional sales. In the future, as the need for traditional book storage diminishes, the demand for efficient heat energy storage rises. Join us in revolutionizing furniture design by integrating innovative heat storage solutions into your product line. Let’s meet the evolving needs of environmentally conscious consumers together. #SustainableLiving #Innovation #PartnershipOpportunity


Are you searching for a meaningful and locally impactful way to address carbon emissions and engage your environmentally conscious customers? Look no further. With the Finnshield concept, you can offer a measurable, transparent, and effective offset program that provides real compensation for your emissions. By utilizing our innovative approach of sawing wooden raw material from chimneys, you can locally offset your carbon footprint, creating a tangible and sustainable solution. Join us in taking proactive steps towards a greener future and offering your customers a truly impactful offset program. #SustainableAviation #CarbonOffset #PartnershipOpportunity

FinnShield’s energy storage system operates by strategically loading the accumulator during periods of low electricity prices. The accumulator, designed to store thermal energy, efficiently captures and retains the heat or coolness. At peak hours, when electricity prices are typically higher, FinnShield utilizes the stored energy to transfer heat or coolness to the room as needed.

This approach allows for the optimization of energy consumption by utilizing electricity during off-peak hours when prices are lower, effectively reducing costs. Additionally, it helps alleviate the strain on the electrical grid during peak demand periods while ensuring a comfortable indoor environment for occupants.

By intelligently managing the timing of energy usage, FinnShield’s energy storage system contributes to more efficient and cost-effective operation of heating and cooling systems in buildings. This innovative solution promotes energy conservation and helps balance the demand for electricity during peak hours, resulting in potential energy savings and reduced environmental impact.

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